Distinguished Guests and Visits

Photo: Mr. Duman, Mr. Kuran and Ms. Bermudez make a home visit to Mrs. Roziel's home.
Photo: Mr. Duman, Mr. Kuran and Ms. Bermudez make a home visit to Mrs. Roziel’s home.

We pride ourselves on the various notable guests who not only visit our school, but become a part of the CMSA family. Distinguished visitors enjoy school tours lead by our very own student ambassadors and always look forward to coming back.  See who’s visiting CMSA in our community.

June 2, 2016 State Representative Lou Lang


October 17, 2015 Senator Heather Steans


September 23, 2015 30th Ward Alderman Ariel Rebyoras



April 2015 Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart


October 2014 NACOPRW President Vilma Colom


October 2014 President & CEO of AAR & Associates Arabel Alva Rosales




September 2014 Executive Director, Penedo Charitable Organization Nely Bergsma



October 2013 Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago


December 2012 State Representative Daniel Burke


December 2012 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman








Alderman Margaret Laurino visited CMSA

Dr. John Pelissaro visited CMSA

Alderman Patrick O’Connor visited CMSA 

State Rep. Dan Burke Visited CMSA

State Representative Toni Berrios visited CMSA



Gery Chico visits CMSA

Senator Heather Steans visits CMSA

WBEZ award winning reporter, Michael Puente visits CMSA

WGN TV Anchor Lourdes Duarte Visits CMSA

Noted Scholar Samuel Casey Carter Visits CMSA

Consul of Mexico in Chicago Eduardo Arnal Palomera visited CMSA

Chicago Tribune Senior Vice President/Editor Gerould Kern visited CMSA

Andrew Sund, the President of St. Augustine College visited CMSA

Emily Barr from ABC visited CMSA

Cook County Clerk David Orr visited CMSA

Illinois Deputy Governor Cristal Thomas visited CMSA

Representative Linda Chapa LaVia visited CMSA

G. A. Finch, Esq, visited CMSA

Illinois Secretary of States, Jesse White visited CMSA

City Clerk of Chicago,Susana Mendoza visited CMSA

Paul Green visited CMSA

Representative Kelly Cassidy visited CMSA

Congressman Daniel Lipinski visited CMSA