IMSA Summer Camps at CMSA

IMSA 2016 Summer MAIN


IMSA Allies Summer 2016
June 2016 -Science, mathematics and technology take the center stage in Summer@IMSA programs as students utilize discovery, exploration, and problem-solving in innovative ways. The programs are designed for students entering 3rd thru 12th grades (Fall 2016), who have an interest or passion for math and science. Ms. Kinney and Ms. Laura led the our CMSA students as they worked with younger children in their explorations of science.

Session One was designed for students entering 5th-6th grade in the fall 2016 and dealt with Forensic Science. Students helped crack a mysterious case requiring expert forensic knowledge. Students worked in teams to gather evidence as they unraveled the science and mathematics behind crime scene clues like finger and footprints, DNA, handwriting, voice identification, and more! At the end of the week, teams will analyze their evidence, make deductions and propose their theories to solve the mystery.

Session Two was designed for students entering 7th-8th grade in fall of 2016 and dealt with medical issues. “Is there a doctor in the house” gave budding medical students a general understanding of human anatomy through hands-on explorations of the heart, blood, bones and muscles. Participants also engaged in a fun and challenging bioengineering project which allowed students to apply engineering principles and practices to the structure and function of the human body.


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