Roshaan Siddiqui Featured on Channel 7 News “Chicago Proud”

June 9, 2017.  Chicago Math and Science Academy is very proud of our award winning RoboTitians Robotics team.  We are also very proud of Roshaan Siddiqui who is the first Chicago student to receive the FIRST Tech Dean’s List Award and was just one of 6 students honored nationally.  Roshaan is also the first student from Chicago to receive this honor.

Roshaan credits his success to the collaboration with his CMSA RoboTitans teammates.   Channel 7 News recently filmed their “Chicago Proud” segment featuring Roshaan and the team. The following is a link to a video segment that aired on June 9, 2017.

WLSRoshaan While the future is very bright for Rashaan, we are thrilled that he has expressed his commitment to return to Chicago after college to share what he learned.   We appreciate this public recognition of the work CMSA has been doing since 2004 to open doors of opportunity to Chicago youth.  We hope you can share with us the pride we feel in both Roshaan and the RoboTitans team.