The Mural Project

June 20, 2019. Art students in Mr. Brend’s class, as well as former AP students, have been creating a magnificent mural by our high school entrance. The students designed the mural to represent “What it means to be a CMSA Titan”.

“The faces represent the mostly Hispanic and Black American population of our school.  The armor shows their strength and resilience, using Myan and Thai inspired details.  The bear is a reference to Native American culture that represents strength and courage.  The magpie bird is from Eurasia and represents intelligence and the student’s ability to choose if they want to use their skills to take from others or to elevate themselves and the community.  In the center of the armor, each figure has a winged shoulder piece.  When students stand in the center of the image, the become a third winged titan, showing that each individual can ultimately only represent oneself.”
Stay tuned for the finished product coming your way later on!