“CMSA is great because it gives students the chance to go to college. It pushes us forward so that we can excel in our future as young adults”
A CMSA senior
“I love how the teachers are devoted  to the students. They sacrifice so much for us truly caring. I love how they try to form student-teacher bonds”
A CMSA student
“It is a small school in the north side that has bright individuals, amazing staff and incredible education”
A CMSA student
For my daughter, who has been here since the school year started for the 6 th grade, now she
is a senior. It was going to be a drastic change in her life, but nevertheless, it was for the best.
Being in a smaller school has helped her get more attention and help from her teachers. CMSA
is full of opportunities and I am sure my daughter and my other kids, that now attend CMSA,
have enjoyed every moment here at Chicago Math and Science Academy, because “THEY ARE
I believe that CMSA is one of the best Charter Schools in Chicago. I would recommend
any parent enroll their child in this school. The teachers have always shown concern and caring
about my child’s success in school. I have found the administrators to be fair when needed to
give out discipline. If you register your child here at CMSA you will not be disappointed.
Chicago Math and Science Academy, one of the best Charter Public schools in the city of
Chicago is easily recognized for its outstanding performance academic wise. If education is a big
factor of your child’s life and you believe he/she has the ability to play a pivotal role in society,
be confident that you have made the right decision.
If I knew a parent who wanted to put their child in CMSA, I would let them know that,
the staff cares about the students. The staff wants the best for the students’ education and will
do what it takes to have them succeed.
CMSA is a great school to go, particularly because the teachers do their best to see the
students excel. Most schools and teachers say the things, but do not do the commitment. CMSA
teachers are committed 100% to the well being of the students. They want to see the students
make nothing but A’s and B’s. I am happy with the progress my two students have made at
CMSA and it only has been two months, which is great! If you want your student to go to a
school where they are cared about, regardless of age, race, or gender, choose CMSA.
My son has an IEP, but since he started CMSA, he has not been treated differently and
feels like he can do the work without feeling belittled. He is able to complete his work and the
teachers are so helpful. They go out of their way to make learning easy. I am very glad that I
transferred my son to CMSA! It has made a difference in our family.
The opportunities afforded to the children at CMSA, far outweigh anything that Public
Schools have given my children. Since my son has been there, I have noticed a change in his
behavior, study habits and an ownership over his education that he did not have before.
CMSA has such a positive focus for the students. Teachers are great, positive and not
burned out. I feel good sending my son here. Unlike some high schools in this area, he talks to
all his friends about CMSA. He enjoys coming to school.
Yo les recomiendo esta escuela porque aquí a los niños los ayudan mucho en lo
que ellos necesítan. Les ayudan en las clases a donde tienen problemas . La escuela es bién