Lottery Admission Results

CMSA 2021 Enrollment Lottery Plan
Time and Place
The enrollment lottery (EL) for the 2021-22 Academic year will be held on February 12, 2021 at 3:30 PM in the school cafeteria which is located at 7212 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60626.
Due to the COVID pandemic situation we are also offering a live virtual attendance option either by live stream or phone. Here is the link for Google meet and the phone number.  It will be a recorded live event.

Join with Google Meet

Join by phone
(US) +1 424-523-0620‬ PIN: ‪531 796 553‬#
We will also welcome parents if they want to join in-person. CDS Health guidelines (social distancing, health survey, temperature check)  will be followed.
Transparency and Equal Opportunity
The lottery process will be videotaped in a time stamped fashion. Moreover, any parent who wishes to observe the EL is welcome to attend. The CMSA does not require any information other than grade level and contact information for participation in the lottery.
Application to Lottery
All applications will be completed through the school website which requires nothing more than basic contact information about the student, the parent, grade level, and whether the student is currently under expulsion or not. If a parent does not have access to a computer at home, the parent will be allowed to use a computer at school for the application process. The deadline for applications is February 10, 2021.  A copy of the application form is included in the plan.
Method for Conducting Lottery
  • Prepare 2” by 3” tickets for each applicant indicating the name of the applicant and the grade level.
  • Read each applicants name aloud and show the ticket to the audience and the camera.
  • Fold the ticket twice and place it in a translucent bin.
  • Cover the bin with a lid and shake it for 15 seconds.
  • Draw one ticket at a time and read the name on the ticket aloud as well as the numerical placement in the lottery. Siblings have priority.
  • Show the ticket to the audience and the camera.
  • Repeat until all tickets are exhausted.
  • Repeat the above process for each grade level.
Sibling Priority
IL Charter School Code requires that priority shall be given to siblings of pupils enrolled in the charter.
Notification of Parents
The results of the EL will be posted on the school website within three business days and parents will be sent a notification letter within one week of the lottery date. In addition, parents will receive an automated call and/or email from the school within three business days. Furthermore, parents may inquire for the lottery results anytime.
Enrollment and Registration Policies
The Academy does not conduct any intake activities as a condition of enrollment. Any applicant who is accepted into the Academy as a result of the EL may enroll by completing the necessary paperwork within three weeks. Should the parent express disinterest or fail to complete the enrollment process within that time frame, the spot will be offered to the next student in the waitlist.
Notification of the Authorizer
The results of the EL as well as a copy of the videotape will be transmitted to the authorizer within ten days of the lottery. Should the authorizer wish to send a designee to observe the lottery process, the designee is welcome to attend.
Waitlist Submissions to the Authorizer
A waitlist will be generated if there are more applicants than the number of open spots in a particular grade level. Waitlist will be retained until the end of the school year for which the lottery is held. A copy of the waitlist for admission to the Academy will be sent to the authorizer on a quarterly basis at the time of submission of quarterly financial statements. The waitlist will indicate which students were removed from the waitlist and the reasons for removal.
S-17: Admission and Lottery Policy
Subject to the additional restrictions set forth below, the School may enroll any student who resides in the school district in which the School is located.
The School does not discriminate in the admission of students to the school based on race, creed, color, handicapping condition or sex.
Upon admission of any handicapped student, the School will comply with all federal and state laws regarding the education of handicapped students.
The School shall not give any preference to students based on intellectual ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, or athletic ability.
The School will not offer or provide incentives to parents of prospective students.
The School will not admit students that exceed the capacity of the school’s programs, classes, grade levels or facilities.
If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the School’s programs, classes, grade levels, or facilities, students shall be admitted by lottery from all those submitting applications before the due date, except preference shall be given to students attending the school the previous year, to siblings of students enrolled in the School, and to students who reside in the district in which the school is located.  When required, the lottery will be conducted in the following manner:
  • The entire lottery process will be open to the public and will be videotaped. A representative of the School’s charter school authorizer may be present at the lottery, and a recording of the lottery will be submitted to the School’s charter school authorizer.
  • Each applicant will be assigned a number.
  • The numbers will then be drawn at random.
  • The first number drawn will be the first new applicant placed on a permanent waiting list and so on until all numbers are drawn.
  • The school may separate lottery and waiting lists for each grade or age grouping.